Business Travel Trends

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Business Travel Will Return… Eventually

While many industries can make do with virtual meetings and communication, others really need that face-to-face time to establish relationships and keep business moving along smoothly. For the latter, just know that we won’t be stuck forever, and many are beginning to travel again now.

A report from McKinsey & Company acknowledged that corporate travel will return, albeit “in phases, spurred by proximity, reason for travel and sector. “ In the screenshot below, you can see their predictions for these three categories.

Regional and domestic business travel will see a return to normal first, with international travel taking longer to rebound. The purpose of the travel will also factor in, with sales-focused organizations itching to return to normal sooner than other, less face-to-face industries. We’ll likely see sectors like construction and manufacturing return to normal before knowledge-based sectors like science and technology research.

Do Your Research

As we mentioned earlier, be prepared to be diligent in your research before traveling or hosting others. Your local government’s website is an invaluable resource for this. If you’re thinking of traveling to a “hot spot,” you may want to hold off. But if your client or partner is in a low-risk area, traveling can be completely safe.

Check for Cancellation & Change Rules

For extra peace of mind, look into cancellation policies before booking your travel. Many airlines have adjusted their policies, allowing travelers to cancel and change flights as needed for free. If you have a corporate travel trip planned and then things change in the area you’re headed to, that will certainly make your decision easier to postpone the trip for another time.

How TurboRes Can Help

As we inch back into corporate travel, TurboRes is ready to help. Designed for organizations and travel planners in all sectors, we can assist with every step of your travel planning, including ensuring the health and safety of your team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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